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The Saffron Crocus wins Prize at Los Angeles Book Fest

March 24, 2016

Tags: The Saffron Crocus, YA, young adult, historical, mystery, romance, Venice, Los Angeles Book Festival

LOS ANGELES_ The 2016 Los Angeles Book Festival has named a supernatural thriller written for young adults as the grand prize winner of its annual competition honoring the best of world publishing.

Michael Phillip Cash’s “Witches Protection Program” follows disgraced law enforcement agent Wes Rockville, who is reassigned to a 232-year-old secret government organization, (more…)

Jacqueline, a middle-grade novel of WWII France

January 8, 2016

Tags: Middle grade novel, historical, WWII, France, true story

When ten-year-old Jacqueline Falna hears her mother’s scream, she is unaware that the axis of her world is about to tilt. Her father’s plane has been shot down by German fighters. In the midst of poverty, food shortages, air raids, and the grinding hardship of daily life under Nazi rule, she forms (more…)

The Saffron Crocus wins Award

January 8, 2016

Tags: RPLA, Young Adult, New Adult, Historical Mystery, First Place

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On October 17th, The Saffron Crocus won First Place in the Young Adult/New Adults Published category of the Royal Palm Literary Awards given by the Florida Writer's Association.
The book also garnered fourth runner-up in the Best Published Books of the Year competition at RPLA.
This is the second award the book has (more…)

Sweet Madness, a new psychological thriller for young adults

November 3, 2015

Nancy Bilyeau, the editor at The Big Thrill (the magazine for the International Thriller Writers Association) invited me to write a monthly series on debut authors.

My first article is about Sweet Madness, a psychological thriller for young adults written by writing team Trisha Leaver and Lindsay Currie.

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Nancy Cohen on Mysteries for Young Adults

October 31, 2015

Tags: Bouchercon, Bad Hair Day Series, Nancy Cohen, Young adult mysteries

Nancy Cohen, author of the Bad Hair Day series of mysteries, summed up the YA Mystery panel at Bouchercon:

Young Adult Mysteries

Posted by Nancy J. Cohen on October 28, 2015

This panel at Bouchercon was titled “Importance of Book Clubs and Young Adult Literacy.” Speakers included Destiny Geddis, Matthew McGrath, B.K. Stevens, and Kaley (more…)

Blood Surfer - When Superheroes get their hearts broken

September 30, 2015

Tags: Debra Jess, Super Hero Romance, debut novel

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to see a book you've beta read (that means you got to read and give feedback on the manuscript) finally make it to print.
I've just finished re-reading Blood Surfer, debut sci-fi superhero romance by Debra Jess.
Yes, Superhero Romance. Did you know that was a (more…)

Teen Heiresses to the Musketeers

September 7, 2015

Tags: Kathleen Baldwin, Napoleon, alternate history, girl musketeers

If the Musketeers all had daughters, they would be these girls. Award-winning writer Kathleen Baldwin has written the award-winning first installment of what promises to be an action-packed alternative history of England and France during Napoleon's second reign.

That's right. The true story of Napoleon's aborted comeback from Elba is here somewhat modified: in this (more…)

Haunted: The Arnaud Legacy, by Lynn Carthage

August 22, 2015

Tags: YA, Historical, Mystery, time-slip

A YA Mystery with a major surprise twist.
16-year-old Phoebe Irving has to leave San Francisco suddenly and move to an ancient, crumbling mansion in rural England that her stepfather has just inherited. The only person who seems happy about this move is Phoebe's little sister, Tabby.

The mansion was originally occupied by one (more…)

Sealed with a Lie, review of second in a series by Kat Carlton

May 30, 2015

Tags: Kat Carlton, YA Mystery, YA spies, action adventure

In this sequel to the romantic spy-thriller Two Lies and a Spy. IMHO you can’t really appreciate this book unless you’ve read the first one.

In the first book Karina races against time and the governments of at least one superpower to get her parents out of a secret jail.

In this (more…)